Monday, February 23, 2015

Daily Critical Standards Review {TEST Prep}

Many times when teaching we cover a topic and move on.  This is typical for many teachers because we have so many standards to cover in a year!!!  Well, in math I noticed that my students weren't retaining some of the math concepts that we had covered, so I made these Daily Critical Standards Review sheets.  I give them one every day of the week for them to work on and it is a review of everything that we have covered so far during the year.  I have seen tremendous gain from when we first started with these sheets.  I am working on more sets with a few more added math concepts that students need to be proficient in by test time.

Area and Perimeter Review - {ISTEP Prep}

My students have had a hard time this year with taking area and perimeter to the next level.  The can  add up all the side or multiply two numbers, but can't do the more complex questions.  I made this scoot game for my students to practice doing more multistep problems for area and perimeter.  Hopefully this will help us when it comes time to take ISTEP this year.

Here is a link to this product at my TPT store:

Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day

I love coming up with presents for my kid's teachers, and for my students.  Most of my ideas come from Pinterest, but I like making my own tags. :)  Here are a few things that I did for Valentine's Day for my students and my kids teachers.

Monday, February 9, 2015

FaceTime with my class!

I was fortunate enough to go with my husband on a trip he earned through work to Grand Cayman last week!  I was having a great time there and got to FaceTime with my class too! I have such an amazing teaching partner and AWESOME technology in my school system!! My teaching partner had my class and hers get together and ask questions one morning, then in the afternoon I called them back and answered all their questions!  It was such a great time!!! At one point I wasn't sure about some of the questions that they were asking, so an employee of the resort stopped by and got to FaceTime with my class!

.  They LOVED it! :)