Thursday, October 16, 2014

Study Island Class Competition Chart

We are fortunate to have Study Island as an excellent resource in our school district.  The other 4th grade teacher and I have a blue ribbon competition from mid-term to mid-term during the year.  Most of the time we require our students to earn 30 blue ribbons during this time.  We give class time and they also can work on their iPads (our district is 1:1) at home if they have the internet.  Here is a picture of the chart that I put up in my class to track blue ribbons and how many my students have earned. At the end of the time we have a party for those who have earned 30 ribbons.

Click here to download the chart for free.  I made two different sizes and also made the ribbon editable.

I hope others can use this product!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Free Candy Corn Tags....

I love to do fun things in my classroom, so I started doing these candy jars (or candy Ziplock bowls :)) for each holiday.  Here is a picture of my October candy jars.  I have students look at the jar all week and then put a guess for the competition and the winner TAKES ALL!!.  I have made two bowls of candy corn and a baggie of candy pumpkins.  Hopefully the kids will have fun with this when we get back from Fall Break!!!  Check out the tags for FREE on my TPT link below! :)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Reading Street by Scott Foresman

In my 4th grade class I use the Reading Street book with my class to hit our reading skills and cover the Indiana standards.  Here are a few of the weekly stories that I have made additional material to use with the stories.  I hope you enjoy them! Like always, if you see something that you think I could change, please let me know! I'm adding news ones as we read them.  Well, I am trying to, but I'm a little behind!!

Facebook page off to a GREAT start!

I just created my Happy Days in 4th Grade Facebook page last night and already have 69
likes! I'm so excited to get my blog, FB page and Teachers Pay Teachers page up and going!

I have been inspired by many SCSD2 teachers across the district too!  I am blessed to work in a school system that is 1:1 with mini iPads (K-2), iPads (3-6) and MacBooks 9-12!! I have learned more about technology and how to incorporate it into my teaching in the last 2 years than in my first 12 years of teaching because of the opportunities that SCSD2 has put at my fingertips!

I am working on an AWESOME freebie once I reach 100 likes on my FB page!