Thursday, October 16, 2014

Study Island Class Competition Chart

We are fortunate to have Study Island as an excellent resource in our school district.  The other 4th grade teacher and I have a blue ribbon competition from mid-term to mid-term during the year.  Most of the time we require our students to earn 30 blue ribbons during this time.  We give class time and they also can work on their iPads (our district is 1:1) at home if they have the internet.  Here is a picture of the chart that I put up in my class to track blue ribbons and how many my students have earned. At the end of the time we have a party for those who have earned 30 ribbons.

Click here to download the chart for free.  I made two different sizes and also made the ribbon editable.

I hope others can use this product!


  1. Hi - I am a 4th grade long term sub in a school district who uses study island as a resource. I wanted to incorporate this bulletin board in my classroom. I am not 100% familiar with it and don't have access until I start school - Can u tell me what AR and AM stand for? Each clothes pin has the students name on it? Thank you!

  2. Yes, AM and AR are for Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math. We set goals for each 9 weeks and students move their name up as they earn their %.