Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fruit our pot of GOLD! :)

My teaching partner at Wooten's Fourth Grade Wonders found a Pinterest activity that was in the shape of a rainbow and ended with a pot of gold.  Our students LOVED it and actually most ALL of them ate ALL of the fruit!  It amazes me each year when my students don't know what some fruit tastes like.  We had fun making our rainbow and then sharing with with our kids!  Thanks to all the parents who sent in fruit for this activity! 

St. Patrick's Day Treats!

I absolutely LOVE to do things for my students.  I'm not sure if other people notice, but the more little things you do for them the harder they work for you!  For St. Patrick's Day, I made these bags  with Trix cereal and had them on their desks in the morning.  I have done the 12 Days of Christmas and many other little treats throughout the year to bring a smile to their day in the morning.  I get excited to see how they respond to a note and a treat.  :)  I found these cute tags at this blog and copied them on green cardstock.

Book Series...

How many times have you been asked by students, "what book is next????"

Well, My good friend and old librarian used to label book according to which book they were in the series.  I started to do this in my room and my students loved it.  I've taken a picture below of how I do it in my classroom.  I eventually would like to have all my series book on one shelf so students can find them easily.  I LOVE this website because you can search by the author and see the order in which the author wrote their books.