Tuesday, March 8, 2016

YouTube Videos as Mini Lessons

I absolutely love to use YouTube videos in my lessons each week.  I normally try and find a few each week to go with the lessons that I am working on and use them as a mini lesson.  My goal is to get a few more completed and posted to my TPT site, but finding the time these days seems HARD!  I'm at home now with my sick son, so I'm trying to get a few things done! Check out a few of my products below that I have put on TPT that have big hits in my classroom this year! As always, please follow me on my TPT store and on my FB page!  Thanks so much for reading!

Friday, March 4, 2016

ISTEP Treats

ISTEP (Indiana's state test for students) is here for my 4th graders this week.  Each day they have walked in to a special treat on their desk to eat before or after the test.  Thankfully I have some great parents that sent in some requested goodies for me to use this week.  My teacher partner and I used to have parents sign up to send in items for our class party!  It was WONDERFUL and was a quick and easy website to navigate!  Our list of needs was filled within a few hours of sending out the first email!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kentucky Derby Fun!

I know it is only March, but blink and it will be MAY!  I'm trying to plan ahead because that is how I roll (NOT).  I like to think I plan ahead, but for some reason that never happens!  Below you will find a Kentucky Derby Unit that I created for my class last year and it was a hit!

The Kentucky Derby is a local event that is known world wide, so I thought I would plan some activities for my students to complete on Oaks Day (the day before the Derby).  Many of my students don't know much about the Derby and we are only 45 minutes away from Louisville, Kentucky where the Derby is held each May.  

I created these fun card to use on Oaks Day. You will find QR codes that have videos where students (or the class) can watch about the History of the Kentucky Derby, Listen to the Call to the Post, Listen to the song “My Old Kentucky Home,” and listen many horse related picture books read aloud on YouTube.  All QR codes will work on student devices since they are linked to Dropbox or Google Drive.

We also printed off a current list of horses running in the Kentucky Derby and students wrote narratives from the point of view of the horses, and told facts they had learned about throughout the day.  We then used the template from Eva Robinson at and made horses to hang in the hallway.  
Here are the horses we made with the template from Eva Robinson.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

12 Days of Christmas Tags

Last year my teaching partner and I decided to do the 12 days of Christmas with our classes and give them a small treat each day.  We had no idea how much our students would love this.  We figured after eating the small treat they would throw out the tags, but we were wrong!  Our students started hanging the tags off of their desks and then had to move them to their cubbies to show them off.  I hope you and your students enjoy these as much as we did!
Click HERE to find these tags on my TPT page.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Fruit our pot of GOLD! :)

My teaching partner at Wooten's Fourth Grade Wonders found a Pinterest activity that was in the shape of a rainbow and ended with a pot of gold.  Our students LOVED it and actually most ALL of them ate ALL of the fruit!  It amazes me each year when my students don't know what some fruit tastes like.  We had fun making our rainbow and then sharing with with our kids!  Thanks to all the parents who sent in fruit for this activity! 

St. Patrick's Day Treats!

I absolutely LOVE to do things for my students.  I'm not sure if other people notice, but the more little things you do for them the harder they work for you!  For St. Patrick's Day, I made these bags  with Trix cereal and had them on their desks in the morning.  I have done the 12 Days of Christmas and many other little treats throughout the year to bring a smile to their day in the morning.  I get excited to see how they respond to a note and a treat.  :)  I found these cute tags at this blog and copied them on green cardstock.

Book Series...

How many times have you been asked by students, "what book is next????"

Well, My good friend and old librarian used to label book according to which book they were in the series.  I started to do this in my room and my students loved it.  I've taken a picture below of how I do it in my classroom.  I eventually would like to have all my series book on one shelf so students can find them easily.  I LOVE this website because you can search by the author and see the order in which the author wrote their books.