Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kentucky Derby Fun!

I know it is only March, but blink and it will be MAY!  I'm trying to plan ahead because that is how I roll (NOT).  I like to think I plan ahead, but for some reason that never happens!  Below you will find a Kentucky Derby Unit that I created for my class last year and it was a hit!

The Kentucky Derby is a local event that is known world wide, so I thought I would plan some activities for my students to complete on Oaks Day (the day before the Derby).  Many of my students don't know much about the Derby and we are only 45 minutes away from Louisville, Kentucky where the Derby is held each May.  

I created these fun card to use on Oaks Day. You will find QR codes that have videos where students (or the class) can watch about the History of the Kentucky Derby, Listen to the Call to the Post, Listen to the song “My Old Kentucky Home,” and listen many horse related picture books read aloud on YouTube.  All QR codes will work on student devices since they are linked to Dropbox or Google Drive.

We also printed off a current list of horses running in the Kentucky Derby and students wrote narratives from the point of view of the horses, and told facts they had learned about throughout the day.  We then used the template from Eva Robinson at and made horses to hang in the hallway.  
Here are the horses we made with the template from Eva Robinson.

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