Friday, September 5, 2014

My Classroom is Done...well, sort of...:)

Well, I'm not finished with my room, but I'm done enough to blog about it.  I wasn't really sure what to do in my room this year.  I don't really have a theme, but I did buy a set called "Classroom Decor Mega bundle: Patterns Galore from Hope King on TPT.  I started with this set and tried to match up my border, etc as best as I could!  I also made a lot of my signs, desk name tags, etc that is around my room.

These bins sit behind my desk and I LOVE how the labels turned out! 

The front of the room where my document camera is located.

My iPad rules.  I'm going to find a better place for them, but here is where they "hang" for now.  You can find these on my TPT store HERE.

I LOVE taking pictures of my class, in fact, I took over 700 photos last year, so I thought this year I would designate a board just for photos!

I love this table.  I covered it with grey and black chevron contact paper that I got online at Amazon.  

Reading chairs!  My kids love to sit and read a book, take a test, or just hang out  to talk.  Since my classroom (and school, and DISTRICT ) are 1:1, my kids like to sit here and play on their iPads!!

Here is my AR/AM board.  As students achieve their goals throughout the nine weeks, I will move their name down the chart to 100%.  I'm not completely done with this board because the AM doesn't have any math related materials around it like my AR side does!

Reading skills wall....Each nine week we are covering different reading skills.  I decided this year to put up the graphic organizer that we use for each skill and the books that we have read where we have identified those skills.

Top Writers in the Class will see their paper displayed here! 

I love reading quotes and I love the Cricut machine!  

Obviously, I love lamps too! :)  

My "Welcome to ourPad" board is outside of my classroom. Thanks to my friend Michelle for the cute little iPads that she made!!  She and Tracy from 4th Grade Dynamic Duo have helped me tremendously already this year!  It is so nice to have other teachers in the district to call on when you need something!

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