Friday, January 2, 2015

I HATE reading logs, but LOVE this book!!

If you are big on Reading Logs, AR points or just reading strictly for comprehension, you need to read this book!!!  This book will (or should) open your eyes about why kids read!  I started talking to my students about reading logs about 4 years ago and they were VERY honest with me...they said they lied, their parents lied and that they didn't read.  Well, I had a feeling about all of that and threw out their reading logs.  We started writing letters back and forth to each other about what they were reading and it was AMAZING!!! They were pulling out all the skills that we were working on in class and applying it to their books (cause/effect, compare/contrast, conflict, point of view, etc)!!  Enjoy this read!!  Thanks to Diane Meyer for this recommendation!! :)

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